Tianjin HengtaiBoyu Int'l Trading Co., Ltd.

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Tianjin HengtaiBoyu Int'l Trading Co., Ltd.

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Tianjin HengtaiBoyu Int'l Trading Co., Ltd. Tianjin HengtaiBoyu Int'l Trading Co., Ltd. Tianjin HengtaiBoyu Int'l Trading Co., Ltd. Tianjin HengtaiBoyu Int'l Trading Co., Ltd.
Military Uniform Sample Room Bulletproof helmet production Line Military Canvas Boot Military Canvas Boot

Détails de la société:

Type d'entreprise : Fabricant
trading Company
Marché principal : l'Amérique du Nord
l'Amérique du Sud
Europe de l'Ouest
Europe de l'Est
l'Asie orientale
Asie du Sud
Marque : HengtaiBoyu
Nombre d'employés : bulletproof helmet Manufacturer and Supplier~Ballistic Helmet Manufacturer and Supplier
Chiffre d'affaires : Military Uniform Manufacturer factory-Army Uniform
année de création : Military Boot Manufacturer and supplier
Export pc : 90% - 100%
Bulletproof Plate manufacturer: Ceramic Ballistic Armor Plate Manufacturer and Supplier
Bulletproof Vest manufacturer and supplier: Bulletproof Jacket Manufacturer and Supplier
Ballistic Vest manufacturer and supplier: ballistic jacket manufacturer and supplier
body armor manufacturer and supplier: military sweater manufacturer and supplier

Equipped with professional Military and Police Supplies factory,  HengtaiBoyu is one of the leading China Army Uniform, Ballistic Helmet, Bulletproof Vest, Armor Plate manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale cheap products from us.


Tianjin HengtaiBoyu Int’l Trading Co., Ltd.Is subsidiary of China Hengtai Group Co., Limited, located in Hongkong, which has been producing and  exporting Army and Police supplies to many countries  with good reputation, coverning, Military Uniform, M65 Jacket, Military Wool Overcoat, Military Boot, Military Pullover,  Bulletproof Helmet, Bulletproof Vest, Ceramic Bulletproof Armor Ballistic Plate, Anti-riot suits, Military Raincoat and Poncho, Military Backpack, Sleeping bag, Military Tent, etc. Especially, we invested to the plants of Military Uniform, Military Boot and Bulletproof helmet, Military Pullover. So, we can get better quality, prices and faster delivery than our competitors. With these advantages and our rich experience in these industries, we had established stable and long-term co-operation relationship with many customers from Middle East, Africa, Europe, USA, Latin America, etc. Such as UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Ghana,Sudan, Kenya, Gambia, Lybia, Zambia,Nigeria, Cameroon, Lesotho, Ethiopia, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Swiss, Romania, Malaysia, Philippines, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia, etc. 


Welcome your inquiry, give us your belief, we return you satisfactory.

Tianjin HengtaiBoyu Int’l Trading Co., Ltd.

Contact: Mr. Frank Zhu

Skype: militaryuniform

Tel&WhatsApp: 8613302019738

E-mail: frank@cn-armysupplier.com




Tianjin HengtaiBoyu Int'l Trading Co., Ltd.

Personne à contacter: Mr. Frank Zhu

Téléphone: 86-133-02019738

Télécopieur: 86-133-020-19738

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